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Rashelle Fields

"Jamey, I want to thank you for my toe reading, learning the representation of each toe was quite revealing. I never knew that your feet could show so much about a person. The first Destiny toe showed you so much in how I have struggled with staying on my path and always putting others needs before my own, how caring for others before I care for myself has affected my destiny. I was able to learn the importance of being my best self so that I can continue to care for others in a healthy balanced way. The reading that was provided, solidified what path I have been on through the past, present, and what is needed for my future. The space in which the reading was done was beautiful, the environment felt safe and calming. The aromas and candles and neutral space helped to calm my nervousness. You guided me to opening my mind and encouraged acceptance. I found your intuitive abilities to be spot on. The reading encouraged me to follow and trust my own intuition and live in my integrity with a pure heart, to always trust that nudge, and to release what I can't change and focus on what I can. I gained enlightenment for myself and my abilities to work with crystals and the healing I can both give and receive from them. I loved the affirmation at the end of the session and it couldn't have been more perfect for me. I am so grateful that you chose me for this amazing gift and I was overjoyed to be a part of something so beautiful.
Thanks Again, Rashelle"

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