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What it means to project your feelings or thoughts

Ever have those moments when someone says something or does something that just strikes the wrong nerve for you?

Perhaps someone saw your work and said something like.... “This looks really good, may I suggest this change or you can even add this...?” But all you heard was, “This isn’t great, you should fix it” and you might say back to this person.... “You think it’s not good enough?”

The person viewing your work may have simply been coming from a place of compassion and inspiration, but from your perspective, the comment may have seemed offensive and as if your efforts weren’t good enough.

This particular example is one of many ways that we project onto others. We can do this and not even recognize it, instead we take the offense and continue on with more negative thoughts and self talk, possibly even lashing out towards others.

Based off my own experience and understandings, at moments during childhood when we would experience a negative or lower vibrational emotion we then attached a thought to that emotion. Over time, that thought develops into cyclical patterns that replay each time a circumstance triggers those emotions. Alot of times when we are fearful of rejection, this pattern will show up.

I believe one of the best ways to stop doing this is by becoming aware of your own thought patterns. Rising above the emotions and allowing yourself to view it from a higher perspective. Eventually you will start changing this automatic response and think differently about yourself as well as others.

The next time you find yourself feeling offended by someone, take a moment and reflect on exactly what you are feeling. Stop and ask yourself is this person actually being offensive or am I projecting?

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