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Self-healing Rituals Within Your Daily Routine

Most people hear the word ritual and may think of a spiritual or religious tradition, you might even picture a self-healing ritual as some candlelit ceremony that consists of a lot of effort and creative abilities.....

What if I told you that a self-healing ritual doesn't have to look like any of those things?

It can actually be as simple as doing a load of laundry, brushing your teeth, or taking a shower. Self-healing rituals can be created from the simplest of tasks and activities that we already partake in daily. There is no need to cut out a specific scheduled time in your day or week to perform a ritual, simply transform your normal routine into a visual exercise.

"I am a mother of 3 and the only provider for my household, so finding time to clear my thoughts and mind or even think of creating a ritual seemed like the impossible until now." -Jamey Martell-

I understand personally how challenging it can be to create time for ourselves when we constantly live on the grind. I've thought to myself, what way can I implement more inner stability daily without having to make drastic changes? How do we create a self-healing ritual for ourselves without having to interfere with our usual routine? In my own life experience and doing a little bit of research I have found that the answer is quite simple.....

"Use your imagination". That's right! All it takes is a little visualization that you apply to these simple daily routines and wah-lah you have created a self-healing ritual to refresh and restore your inner self.

Below you will find an example of a daily routine that has been transformed into a self-healing ritual. Instead of zoning out and numbing while performing these somewhat robotic tasks, take that time and space in those moments to clear and refresh your own inner being and experience a more refreshing state of mind throughout your day. Check out this cool ritual below, give it a try, you might actually enjoy it!




  1. In sorting your laundry, imagine that each pile represents an aspect of your life that could use a little healing. For Example:

  • Whites can represent an area that needs a fresh slate. "my creative ideas have halted, I need a fresh start"

  • Colors can represent darker areas within yourself such as fears or things that you hold back. (negative self-talk, suppression of emotions)

Imagine that you are compartmentalizing these places in yourself that can use a good wash

2. In adding the laundry to the washing machine- imagine that the compartmentalized piles are being loaded into a portal to be cleansed and given a second chance or thrown out to the trash or in the "work clothes" pile, meaning you only where these when you know it's gonna get dirty.

What parts of you need to experience a bit of a deeper cleaning or need to be thrown out? As you are filling the machine, visualize each area of your life and how you contribute to the existence of the challenge, think of how you can transform that area of your life and have a fresh new start.

3. While placing the clothes to dry whether in a dryer or to hang, imagine those parts of you being warmed and exposed to the elements of air and the sun. The air clears and sweeps away, it brings fertilization and adds to the cycles of life. We live by our breath. The sun or heat represents life vitality, transformation, The heat is part of the drying process to remove the imperfections, wrinkles, and excess moisture from the laundry and your own inner self.

Which areas of your life need to be dried out, refined, and given a second chance at life?

4. Finally folding and hanging your laundry to store it in a suitable atmosphere can represent prolonging the life of a refreshing new state. Setting them aside to be stored and brought out to use for each new occasion.

What parts of yourself can you hold on to and bring back out to use when a new life circumstance requires your best representation?


Feel free to use this example as a new exercise in your laundry routine. I even encourage you to take it a step farther and be even more creative. How can you transform a few daily tasks into self-healing rituals? Will you wash your hair and expel the toxins from your mind and thoughts? Will you brush your teeth and rid the bacteria or negative words that can sometimes escape from your mouths? Whatever you decide will be refreshing for your soul. Love and blessings as you journey into discovering ways to heal yourself.

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