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Connecting with your spirit

One of the ways to connect with your spirit is to simply remember the times when you were a child and feeling your best. That inner child that embraced freedom of expression without a care in the world as to what might happen if an emotion is revealed. The inner child that had an imagination that was so powerful it felt real. The child that was completely him/herself without fear, shame, or guilt.

Imagery Exercise:

Imagine for a moment that a five year old child is standing in front of you, this child is playing, in a complete state of imagination, there is no fear here, you sense a connection with the way this child is feeling. As the child turns it's head around to face you, you notice an impeccable resembelence of yourself.... Do you know this child? Wait..... Can it be so? It is you! This happy, innocent and full of life little human is you. You almost forgot what that part of you felt like. That freedom and happiness that feels so good, you can't help but throw your arms in the air and smile. Now imagine, that you want to say something to yourself? What would you say? Take a moment and tell this child whatever it is they need to hear. Now open yourself back up to being this beautiful spirit that is still inside of you. Go forth into your day embracing you and bring enlightenment to being more authentically you.

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