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3 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Ever wake up feeling lonely, un-loveable, closed off, or wanting to fill a void within but not sure how? We were taught growing up that we were supposed to seek what we need outside of ourselves, we were taught to fill the void with relationships, people, places, and things. But what if I told you that there's a better way? Here is a list of 3 ways to begin loving yourself on a daily basis, and naturally uplift your spirit to feel fulfilled with life's many blessings.

-1- Write yourself a love letter each evening before bed-

It is my belief that words are some of the most powerful tools that we have been given to use while on this earth. When we take the simple action of sitting down and writing out thoughtful and compassionate words to our self, an energetic shift occurs and you then begin manifesting the loving words into good feeling emotions towards yourself. Even if you don't believe what you are writing, if you simply write this letter to yourself as if you were writing it to the love of your life, I assure you after a week of this practice you will begin to notice your energetic vibration changing, your mood will be lighter and happier, and you will be less likely to criticize yourself as harshly as you would normally do.

-2- Give yourself a long tight hug and be present with how you feel-

In the moments through out our days, when life challenges us, when we are triggered by unwanted emotions and thoughts, we tend to forget that we have the ability to comfort ourselves. I began doing this practice during my times of feeling alone and just needing a hug. When we feel the comfort of a hug, our energy changes. we allow ourselves to be humbled and vulnerable. When you feel like you just need a hug, I encourage you to wrap your arms around yourself so tightly. Sit with how this feels for you. Sure it's not quite like getting a hug from another person but if you just give it a try you will feel how much it actually helps. Hug yourself like you would hug your best friend!

-3- Spend 5 mins a day in meditation-

It's been proven that practicing mediation allows for the chaos that's happening within and around us to settle. We are exposed to so many toxins and lower vibrational frequencies from a physical level to an energetic level and these toxins cause stress, anxiety, imbalances in our mind body and spirit. By taking just 5 mins a day, to rest and clear your energy, you give your most authentic self a chance to reveal itself to you. You make space for clarity and renewal to take place.

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